Religious Life Project

The Religious Life Project supports Religious Life through:

  • Supporting younger Catholic Sisters and Brothers as they initiate future oriented projects to enhance their sustainability.
  • Organizing study groups, networks and symposia for the support and development of Religious Life in the 21st century, for the enhancement of the understanding and knowledge of religious life in the wider Church community.
  • Offering educational programs on various aspects of religious life, online and on-ground, to meet the needs of religious communities and their members.
  • Creating written materials, developing articles for submission to national publications and writing books for general distribution. A quarterly email newsletter disseminates information and provides updates on upcoming programs and projects.

Catholic Sisters have been an important part of the development and ongoing life of the United States and of the Church in the United States for all of its history. At this historical moment, the numbers of religious are in serious decline, yet a small but vibrant cohort of women and men are coming to religious life and are committing their lives to religious life in the 21st century.

A 501c3 organization.

See blog on emerging religious life: Mystics and Prophets

1318 Tamm Ave.; Saint Louis, MO 63139
Fax: 815-550-1329    Email: a.hereford @


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